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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Numerous alumni have gathered in an scheduled conference via YIM for discussion regarding the updates of the said event.

This event will be a BIG DAY for all of us. For years of absence, it is now our time to reunite and gather altogether ... for the very first time.

Part of the plans is to let us know from the majority if we make this event into reality. So we decided to free these form and letter to all of you to echo your presence to us. But we believe this will close to possibility since most of us are aware of this. We just want to collect information from all alumni.

Here are the files. Download them.

1. Alumni Letter
2. Alumni Form

We are pleased to hear your response within 15 days upon receiving the files. Just email the files to

The said date is stil tentative so you can as well suggest. Just refer to the Alumni Form.

Visit again for more updates.

Thanks so much.

Thanks to pboz of BSCS Batch 2004 for sparing the space in uploading the files.
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