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ITE Alumni Homecoming Plans Part 3
Saturday, May 27, 2006
This week's YM conference was graced by several ITE alumni from different batches. I would love to mention names here but due to exhaustion and laziness, that won't be done as of the moment. Anyways, lots of things have been thoroughly discussed. Well, when I say thoroughly, that means a lot of off-topics, annoying bold and large fonts, and a war-torn, shipwrecked, and run-on conversations. [LOLz]. Despite all that, we were able to come up with some results though.

All those who were present agreed to have an alumni homecoming this December. Still, the exact date is tentative. The main objective of the event is to gather all ITE alumni in one huge setting, probably inside the UIC's premises. The gathering shall involve a lot of learning and fun-filled activities such as, but not limited to, presentation, flash/graphics exhibit, parlor games, and of course the eating part. Who could ever forget that one right?

It was good to see a lot of ourITE comrades there in the conference and I would like to invite those who have not yet joined to please, be online every Saturday at 1 - 4 pm for our alumni chat.

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Weekly YM Conference Did Not Push Through
Saturday, May 20, 2006
Sir Gamboa pmed yours truly about the weekly YM conference of the ITE Alumni scheduled every Saturday at 1 - 4 PM. He asked if the conference will push through considering the "scarcity" of the number of IT Alumni online. Because of this, the YM Conference did not materialize this week.

We are hoping that more and more ITE Alumni will join the said activity next Saturday. See yah.
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Network Engineer Needed in Brunei
Thursday, May 18, 2006
This announcement is from Sherwin Alejandro.

If you are CCNA, CCNP, SUN, or HP certified, then this is for you.

DST and JTB, the biggest telecommuncation company in Brunei is looking for a Network Engineer who can maintain the DST and JTB routers and switches.

Salary is 2000B$ [Brunei Dollars] or higher. [Note: 1 B$ = 32Php. Do the Math!]

Send your resume/curriculum vitae to: or

This is urgent! Spread the news!
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ITE Alumni Homecoming Plans Part 2
Saturday, May 13, 2006
Just this afternoon, several ITE alumni have once again gathered in the YM Conference room to discuss the much-awaited [ahem] ITE Alumni Homecoming this December, most probably after Christmas. Ramesh Dataya, part of the BSCS Pioneers joined in with Jonas, Maribeth, Vernon, Sir Randy, and Sir Talyo. [I guess it is pretty much obvious that I was also there, right? lolz].

Anyway, Sir Gamboa, much to our delight, has once again used his dictatorial instincts [joke], and imposed a regular schedule for the YM Conference. According to Sir Randy, it would be much better if we, the Alumni, could have a conference chat every Saturday at 1 to 4PM. Here, we will get to know more about what's up with us these past years, and discuss the plans for the Homecoming.

In this regard, I am calling every ITE Alumni of UIC to please secure a Yahoo account (if you don't have one yet), and join in our conference every Saturday. Your presence is highly appreciated. Those who won't show up shall be punished severely, (by Sir Randy..joke).

Moreover, Betchay has created an egroup for all of us and you can find that here.
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Jobs in Davao City
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Check them out here. Goodluck guys.
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Kinda Outdated, But For Those Who Don't Know Yet...
Sunday, May 07, 2006
Yeah right. This can't be considered news anymore if we really stick to its exact definition. But since I consider this as a huge feat, and I'm sure most of you feel the same way too, this deserves to have a space here in this blog.

Our very own Paul June Domag, a supposedly BS Computer Science Batch 2001 grad though he was somehow delayed for some reasons (lolz), has made it to the international scene of prestige and fame as Microsoft gave him an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Visual Basic. This happened last January 2006 as stipulated in Paul's blog entry.

Aside from that, he is also an ACE (Award for Customer Excellence)awardee and is currently the top 3 poster as well as a moderator in the MSDN Forum.

Paul has been one of our toughest programmers way back in college, and has been consistently developing his skills up to now to measure up with people with whom Microsoft considered as experts in their fields.

Way to go Paul. We, your ITE family, are very very proud of you!
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Job Opportunities in Link2Support
Saturday, May 06, 2006
Those who are looking for a job, check out these new openings in Link2Support - an outsourcing company based in Cagayan de Oro City.

Junior Graphics Artist
HR Assistant - Training
Workforce Management Staff
Senior Manager for Product Support
Product Support Manager
Product Support Supervisor
HR Assistant for Recruitment
Part-time Product Support Representatives
Customer Service Representatives
Organizational Development Supervisor
Junior Technical Writer / QA Engineer
Technical Trainer
Network Specialist

Just click on the position to view further details.
Goodluck guys!
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Wanted: 2 IT Staff
Friday, May 05, 2006
This is from Ariesa Gentica.

Brokenshire College - MIS and Elearning Department is in need of two (2) IT staff: 1 Technical and 1 Internet Lab Staff.

Job Description:

For MIS Technical Staff:
- The job will be the attending technician to all PC problems in all offices and laboratories in the campus.
1. A graduate of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or any IT-related course
2. It's a necessity that you are familiar with PC troubleshooting (it's a most!) everything from software to hardware.
3. Knowledgeable in dealing with Computer Networking is very much needed.

For IT Laboratory Staff:
- Incharge to facilitate student's online examination and quizzes. The staff must be able to give answers and instructions on basic Computer or any IT related questions to inquiring students.
1. A graduate of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or any IT-related course
2. PC troubleshooting ability is a plus.

* All other credentials will be check by the panel of interviewer including your masteral units earned, seminars and trainings attended and etc.

* Must be willing to work overtime and absolutely can work under pressure.

* Salary will be discussed during the interview.

If you're interested, address your application to:

Mrs. Hazel Victoriano
Human Resource Director
Brokenshire College
Madapo Hills, Davao City

1. Application Letter
2. Resumé
3. Certificates of Seminars and Trainings attended.
4. Transcript of Records
5. Photocopy of Certificate of Employment from the previous employer.
6. Photocopy of Diploma
7. Any other important documents that you can give to burst your confidence is encourage.

* Applicants through email are not honored because the hard copy of the requirements are subject for validation during panel interview.
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ITE Alumni Homecoming Plans
A group of CS Batch 2001 alumni (including myself), found themselves in a conference chat with their then Associate Dean, Randy Gamboa yesterday afternoon. The gathering was mainly to discuss the plans for the upcoming ALUMNI Homecoming for all the ITE alumni from 1999 - 2005.

Those who were present in that conference chat were Beth, Mark, Vernon, Rayve, Jonas, Roselyn B., and Owen. (I hope I didn't forget anybody.)

Though there were no definite plans yet for the event, it was agreed that the venue will be at the beach, though still there is no specific place mentioned.

Things will get clear the moment everthing is thoroughly discussed with Sir Gamboa.

All alumni are encouraged to join the activity which is tentatively scheduled on December 2006, probably after Christmas.
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Wanted: Web Designer
HarvestSeo, a US-based SEO company located in Cagayan de Oro City, urgently needs a web designer.

1. Creating Blog templates
2. Creating site header and footers
3. Creating logos
4. Creating graphical icon, etc to liven up
Blog posts and other web pages.


HTML 2-3 years experience
CSS 2-3 years experience
Graphics 3-5 years experience, or demonstration of
(Further qualification details can be found here.)

Every resume needs to be accompanied by sample graphics (logos, headers, buttons, whatever)and/or links to a portfolio.

Must have an eye for web 2.0. Someone creative, fresh, and who does very clean graphics.

Interested applicants may email their resume to :, with the position applied for in the Subject area.

Attractive compensation package awaits the qualified applicant.
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